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WorkNet Network, Inc. established in 1997, is a full service business development company specializing in Revenue Recovery services for Health Care, Government, HOA’s and the Banking Industry.

Worknet has a Network of over 65 Agents Nationwide who have “Who You Know” contacts in the above industries. This group of 65-plus are “The Rainmakers” in each of their respective fields. Because the companies that Worknet represents are so unique and exceptional at what they provide, WorkNet markets directly to the decision maker.

All of the companies that we represent either audit Zero Balance revenue or assist with past debt collection efforts. All Companies are mature companies; currently each are in over 20-265 Hospitals, over 30 cities and counties and twenty-plus banks in the United States.

In this economy, we have been called a “Godsend” by our clients. Once we provide just one of our services, our clients are eager to bring all of our offerings into their collection portfolio.

WorkNet represents companies within the following sectors:



Physician Groups
MRI/Urgi Care

• Zero Balance Revenue Integrity Auditing of Managed care Companies, Medicare and Medicaid.

• Zero Balance Revenue Integrity Auditing of Auto (PIP) Insurance Companies.

• Emergency Room Department Patient Liability (PIP) Billing from Point of Service.

• Debt Collection Services for aged accounts past 45 days.


Clerk of Courts

• PIP Underpayments Auditing owed to Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

• Billing services for EMS.

• Debt Collection Services for EMS, Utilities, Traffic Tickets, Liens, etc.


• Debt Collection Services focusing on Overdrafts and Credit Card Debt. We are able to treat all of our clients bad debt equally, regardless of age or amount, therefore achieving much greater results for our clients.

• Third Party Liability (TPL) – Account Resolution. We are pleased to offer a legal team that specializes in hospital systems, trauma centers, and medical facilities nationwide and ensures that you, the medical establishment, and the cost of your services are factored into any pending settlement.


• Debt Collection for the HOA Industry.

We work either directly with HOA’s throughout the country or with law firms that represent HOA’s. Either way, our low cost, efficent service (that doesn’t “cherry pick” newer accounts or higher dollar amounts) is a great adjunct to law firms and HOA’s througout the country.

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Debt Collection for the HOA Industry. We work either directly with HOA’s throughout the country or with law ...